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Guide to Smart Moving in and out of your Home!

The moving season is fast approaching and for those of you who have been through it a time or two, you know that it can be a real chore. To make things at least a little easier, we have prepared a few tips to lighten your load (no pun intended!).

1. Unpack Before You Pack: Might sound a little silly, but making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of really helps. Go through things carefully. If you need it, keep it. Otherwise, hold a garage sale, toy sale or whatever or even better, donate it to groups or charities who can pass it on to people whose need is greater than yours.

2. Sort It Out: Sort out every room, every closet, every drawer and put things in various piles. It serves as another reminder of what to take and what to leave. Don’t start packing boxes until you have completed a room. When the room is done, start packing and labelling the boxes you want to move.

3. Labels Are Important: Label each box as to contents and where it should go in your new location. Especially mark boxes that are “fragile” or even some that you will need right away as “Open Me First” and the room location.

4. Moving With Kids: If you are moving with young children, how about a Memory Box (get one that is sturdy and colourful) and let your kids fill it with things they think they may want to keep forever. If you are moving a long way away, then perhaps some of those things could include pictures of your current home, their school and their friends. Help them gather contact information for the people they want to stay in touch with. Helping kids ease their stresses about a relocation go a long way in making a successful family move.

5. Make A Calendar: Call it “Six Weeks to Go” or something that means something to you. It could be a wipe board with check boxes where you could tick off each job as it is completed. Anything that works for you.

6. You are going to be informing utility companies, banks, schools and many others, but don’t forget about doctors, dentists and the like. Ask them for referrals to health professionals in your new area.

Best Wishes for a Happy Move!